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Many years ago, the Butcher family began making pure Ohio maple syrup on their family farm. This farm has been in the Butcher family for many generations. As small farms struggled over the years, our family ventured away from the farm life and pursued professional jobs off the farm. Everyone still worked hard to maintain the family farm and keep it in the Butcher family. Throughout the years however, the Butchers ventured away from making maple syrup.  Read more about our history »

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Featured Products
Made from 100% maple syrup, maple cream or spread is a flavorful addition to your diet.
Shop for our 3 pack of the 15 Piece Maple Candy Bags (45 pieces total). Our sweet maple syrup candies are 100% all-natural and made with our pure Ohio maple syrup. Our candies are delicious, fresh treats...
12 oz. bottle bourbon barrel aged maple syrup
Butcher Family takes great pride in creating bourbon barrel aged maple syrup. Our pure Ohio maple syrup is collected and then stored in used bourbon...