About Us

Many years ago, the Butcher family began making pure Ohio maple syrup on their family farm. This farm has been in the Butcher family for many generations. As small farms struggled over the years, our family ventured away from the farm life and pursued professional jobs off the farm. Everyone still worked hard to maintain the family farm and keep it in the Butcher family. Throughout the years however, the Butchers ventured away from making maple syrup.

However, in 2011 the opportunity presented itself again for our family to again start producing Ohio maple syrup using the same trees our ancestors did many years ago. In the early spring of 2011 we began making maple syrup as a hobby. The 2011 sugaring season was a record breaking season and we collected thousands of gallons of sap from our hanging buckets and bags. It was from this point forward, we were hooked. We have the "disease" every sugar maker talks about. We wanted to make even more pure maple syrup than the year before.

Our Facility

In 2012 we constructed our brand new, state of the art sugar house. Our facility is one of the largest, most modern facilities in the region. The facility measures 54' x 84' and houses our state of the art natural gas evaporator, raw sap storage tanks, and reverse osmosis machines along with our walk in cooler and state inspected / registered canning room.

Over the past few years we have installed three separate vacuum tubing systems to collect our maple sap. Each year we tap about 6,000 maple trees using the most modern and safest techniques possible. All of our trees are connected to our vacuum / tubing system. The sap we collect is processed with reverse osmosis machines prior to being boiled on our natural gas evaporator. Our syrup is then stored in large barrels in our walk-in cooler to ensure they stay fresh, preserving that wonderful taste.

Facility Touring & Open House

We take great pride in the maple syrup we produce. We welcome anyone to tour our facility at any time. We also enjoy hosting open houses in the spring to allow others to see how our family makes Ohio's finest maple syrup. Find more information on our tours, open house dates and store hours in our news section. The push for all-natural sweeteners has never been greater. We hope to continue providing this wonderful product to our customers for future years.